How To End Lockdowns Forever

Freedom is something given to us by the Divine Creator. Freedom is a gift of the spirit. We are spiritual beings that have been given physical bodies.

And we need to remember daily that we have the power to create positive change through intending.

With many people feeling constricted, trapped and powerless, we must remind ourselves that we have the power of thought that has been given to us as a gift and tool to create a better world for ourselves and future generations. Your intention projected can create beauty.

If you’re reading this and you live in any of the 50 states that make up the United States, then realize that you have the power to affect the lockdowns that are currently sweeping this proud and beautiful country,

If you spend just 1 minute a day focusing your attention on your states governor with the intention of willing them to have compassion and end the lockdowns, your thoughts will reach them and influence them. All you have to do is will them to feel compassion for their states residents.

How’s it work: Here’s how:

  1. Because you live in your particular state, your thoughts will merge with the rest of those people who want the lockdown to end. What happens then is that yours and their wishes merge into one giant thoughtform. This giant thoughtform will then travel INSTANTLY to your governor and influence their thoughts in that direction.
  2. Each state should be looked upon as its own separate country; because you live in that state, you are under the influence of the goings-on in that bubble. It works both ways however, as your thoughts and intentions will give you the ability to influence people that live in that bubble.
  3. Eventually, your governor will be overwhelmed by the accumulated thoughts and be forced to lift your lockdowns.

So how do you project your thoughts and desires directly to your governor? Simply, believe it or not: All you have to do with focus your minds eye on your governor and mentally tell them to end the lockdowns.

If you can’t create crystal clear images yet, you can just print out a picture of your governor and use that as a focal point. Its been proven time and time again by millions of people and by science that a picture of a thing is just like having the thing in your possession. You don’t even have to print the picture out; you can do a google image search for your governor and use those results to focus your attention.

With your attention focused, you simply speak to them like you speaking to a dear friend, with words like these:

” You have to end these lockdowns. Put yourself in our place…”. You want to use reason with them. This type of communication most likely work if you were to meet them in person and have the same discussion, but because you’re communicating on the psychic level, the level of the subconscious mind, you bypass their conscious resistance, and place your desires right into the fertile ground of their subconscious.

Another way to project your thoughts indirectly is to simply spend 30 seconds a day speaking to yourself, stating:

“End the lockdown now…. end the lockdown now…”

You keep sending this intention outward until the lockdowns end.

This gives us a whole new meaning to the word “teamwork”, doesn’t it?

If while you’re sending your psychic petition to the governor of your state you feel compassion for our brothers and sisters in the rest of the United States, you can project the thought (speak it to yourself):

“Infinite Freedom to the United States”

Again, this takes about 15 to 30 seconds to complete.

Some people focus their attention on each of the 50 states in the union and send the thought of freedom to each one. You only need to focus on each state for as long as it takes to say its name, which only takes 1 second.

So in 60 seconds, you can send positive energy to every single person in the country. Isn’t that awesome??!?!


Kenyata Long

P.S. Sending your thoughts into the subconscious mind of other works best when your aura is good and strong. You can learn some powerful techniques to empower yourself and become a electromagnetic powerhouse with my new book, Aura Power.


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