Are you ready for Christmas Music?

I never used to be. As soon as that one Christmas somg played on the radio, my energy would instantly shrink; I became a bio-energetic snail.

I never questioned why I disliked christmas music; It just didnt make me feel good, which is weird because 95 percent of the people that listen to it instantly become energetic suns, radiating warmth and light.

So what gives? Why did i have a strong dislike for this outwardly cheery music? I recently realized that it was because I had a sluggish heart chakra.

So heres the deal with most christmas music: because its connected to Christ Jesus and because christmas time is when we actually focus our attention on this Master, the vibrations from christmas music actually activate your heart chakra and in so doing, it raises your vibration.

Now why is this a “bad” thing? It is and it isnt. It’s a good thing if you heart chakra already vibrates at that frequency, you wont blink at all.

If however your heart chakra isnt accustomed to vibrating at that frequency, then you’ll dislike Christmas music. The vibration of the music introduces a new frequency that the person probably isnt accustomed to, nor are they ready to be at this point in time. So how did I get over my dislike and begin to appreciate this awesome form of music?

I intende to relax and just let the vibrations from the music wash over my consciousness.  As I sat there and listened, I placed my hands over my heart chakra to activate that energy transformer center and bring my consciousness into that point from wherever it was previously located.

As I listened to the music in this way, my heart chakra began to grow warm and waves of warmth flowed through my entire body,  pouring into every single cell.

I sat and bathed in the energies like this song after song until suddenly, I began to enjoy Christmas music!

As a matter of fact, my vibrational rate shot through the roof. And now I resonate with some of the highest vibrational energy ever created.

And now you can too. Heres thats technique broken down:

1. Pick a christmas song you can just stand at this point.

2. Place your hands over your heart center, right in the middle of your chest.

3. As you listen to the words and the sounds of that song, inhale through your nose.

4. As you exhale, allow the energy from your heart center to flow through your entire body.

5. Repeat until the song ends.

You can repeat this process for every song that you hear. Eventually,  you’ll get to the point where you no longer need to hold your hands over your heart chakra unless you really want to. Its good to do when you want a boost of high vibe energy anyhow.


Kenyata Long

P.s. You can empower your water with the vibration of any music you want with the techniques in my new kindle book, ” Water Magic”.


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