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How Does Sacred Geometry Manifesting Technology Work?

Learn how Sacred Geometry Manifesting Technology Can Help You Attract All The Health, Wealth and Happiness You Can Handle.

How Does This Manifesting Energy Technology Work?

A: Sacred Geometry Sigil Technology works by allowing your mind, body and consciousness to connect to any energy, power or force you desire. Once you’re connected to that stream of energy-information, you begin to receive thoughts/ideas that are in line with that energy.

For instance, when you view the Sacred Geometry Sigils found in my Attract Money Sacred Talisman Book, you are connected to the streams of energy-information responsible for creating wealth and abundance. Once connected to this stream, your aura begins to radiate abundance and wealth frequencies, which are then attracted into your life.

What Will I Experience When I Connect To a Stream Of Power/Energy-information?

A. Because we all have a unique spiritual makeup, what you experience will differ from what another person experiences. Some sensations that people feel are:

Tingling/Warmth In Your 3rd eye chakra

Sensations in your major chakras

A feeling of peace and relaxation

How Exactly Do I use The Sacred Geometry Sigils In Your Books/ Manifesting System?

A. There are two types of Sacred Geometry Sigils you’ll access when you use my manifesting tehnology:

  1. Transmittal Sigils like the ones found in my Scalar Manifesting Discs and Scalar Manifesting Talisman Books.
  2. Portable Manifesting Sigils like My Scalar Manifesting Amulets and Manifesting Hack Services Sigils.

Type 1 Sacred Geometry sigils are used just by looking at them for 1-2 seconds; the energy information they contain are pulled into your consciousness instantly. You can also take a polaroid photo of yourself and leave the Sacred Geometry Manifesting Sigil so you are connected to that stream of power/energy information 24/7.

Type 2 sigils are carried with you and you access their information by looking at them through your day whenever you think of it. By keeping them on your person, you connect to their energy automatically and project that energy naturally. For example, when you purchase my Vibrant Health Manifesting Service, you’ll receive a custom Sacred geometry Manifesting Sigil connected to the stream of vibrant health, which you carry with you for the duration of the service.

What Stream Of Power Can You Help Me Connect With?

A. The Streams Of Power With which you can connect are LIMITLESS. Think in terms of unlocking your full potential as a human being and becoming a Super-Human Being who can manifest anything you want, when you want. Some of the streams of power Ive helped people connect to are:


Charisma/ Personal Magnetism


Rapid Healing



Superhuman Psychic Powers

World Class Athletic Power

Whatever stream of power/ force you can think of, I can help you connect to that force.

How Quickly Will I Experience Positive Results?

From the very first time you view one of my Sacred Geometry Manifesting Sigils, you’ll begin to to see positive changes in that particular area. What’s even more amazing is that every time you view those sigils, you draw on more of that force/energy information, so you continue to grow in power in that particular area of energy.

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