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The #1 Manifestation Hack That Brings Your Dreams

I remember when I got my start in conscious manifesting. I read every single line of every single book that I could get my hands and memorized that content like my life depended on it – or more specifically, as if my quality of life depended upon it, which it did.

After pouring through so many books and experimenting with loads of techniques, I experienced success, but to the level of success that I sensed I truly could. “What am I missing?” I would as myself when I attracted something I had been working for.

“How can I attract xx faster?”

After weeks of asking this questions of seeing the materialization of the Manifesting List I was working on at the time, the answer hit me like a bolt of lightning and sent waves of power through my body:

“Tell the universe that you want it now.” Simple and to the point. And powerful. That one simple change in how I asked the universe to bring me my desires drastically improved the speed at which they materialized.

What’s the secret? Well, you have to remember that words have power and vibration. Our desires consist of strings of words which combine to create a vibration, which resonates from us whenever we speak that desire.

However we string together the words that make up our wishes, we have to state we want it NOW. This word holds tremendous power for good when wielded properly. The power in the word lies in the virtue of the fact that it allows us to bring our “future” plans into the ever-expanded present moment.

So start asking the universe to bring your desires now and discover the fun and adventure you can magnetically attract into your life.

Your Friend in Success,

Kenyata Long

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