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Are you ready for Christmas Music?

I never used to be. As soon as that one Christmas somg played on the radio, my energy would instantly shrink; I became a bio-energetic snail. I never questioned why I disliked christmas music; It just didnt make me feel good, which is weird because 95 percent of the people that listen to it instantlyContinue reading “Are you ready for Christmas Music?”


How To End Lockdowns Forever

Freedom is something given to us by the Divine Creator. Freedom is a gift of the spirit. We are spiritual beings that have been given physical bodies. And we need to remember daily that we have the power to create positive change through intending. With many people feeling constricted, trapped and powerless, we must remindContinue reading “How To End Lockdowns Forever”

Weather Magick Made Easy

How many times have you wished for warm weather and sunshine, only to get clouds? With a few refinements on your technique, you can start to manifest the weather you desire relatively easily. Decide what type of weather you want to experience. You can write this desire out if you want to make it moreContinue reading “Weather Magick Made Easy”

You could be the ghost that’s haunting your own home

So let me explain: have you ever been alone at home and felt like you werent alone? Thats not cool, right? Or have you ever heard weird noises where you know you shouldnt be hearing weird noises? Remember: we all radiate energy all the time, whether positive or negative. The objects around us pick upContinue reading “You could be the ghost that’s haunting your own home”

Bless others to bless your life

Can you a remember a time recently when someone did something kind for you and your soul was lit up for some time after that moment? Sure, you probably thanked them during at the time to show your appreciation for their kind gesture. What happened in that moment was a beautiful and perfect exchange ofContinue reading “Bless others to bless your life”

Your Magical Direction – How To Take Your Manifesting Power To Warp-Speed!!

Your energies are stronger when you face certain directions. This depends on your time of birth, date of birth, etc The eastern (chinese) astrology systems are so detailed that you don’t even need to search hard. You just look for your zodiac sign. By the way, you gain insight into a slew of asian manifestingContinue reading “Your Magical Direction – How To Take Your Manifesting Power To Warp-Speed!!”


The ancient Chinese sorcerers, warriors and sages of times past were renowned in their knowledge of the magical arts and the healing arts.  Just ask the samurai warriors who used powerful magic to bend reality to their iron wills and cut down the foes left and right. if you don’t yet have Hidden Secrets Of Asian Magic,Continue reading “WHAT THE ANCIENT CHINESE KNEW ABOUT MANIFESTATION”

The Manifesting Power Of Your Words

Are you using the power of your words to attract what you desire? I’m sure youve heard the phrase “words have power”, haven’t you? Well it’s more true than you know. I remember the first time i took an inventory of the words that I used on a daily basis and was shocked to discoverContinue reading “The Manifesting Power Of Your Words”

Top 4 Runes For Health, Wealth, Happiness And Protection

I feel incredibly blessed to have been filled with the desire work with and express the runic energies in this reality. They are symbolic representations of the building blocks of creation. Very few actually know they’re origin, but where they come from isn’t important. What matters is that they are powerful tools that allow youContinue reading “Top 4 Runes For Health, Wealth, Happiness And Protection”

The Most Powerful Affirmation For 2020

I think we all agree that we wish 2020 would transform into a beautiful and awe-inspiring period. Theres still hope. There’s always hope, so long as we tap into it. There’s also Joy for us to tap into. Theres inspiration to be drank in, we need only ask for it. So lets work together toContinue reading “The Most Powerful Affirmation For 2020”