Check out some of the massive success stories I get every week from happy customers who are manifest the life the choose with my empowered books and manifesting services.

My book came (Mesmerist) and I used it. Its really working I got a question. What is the benefits of having the Amulet/Occult tool?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the information and amulet from the Elite Occult Athlete. Today, I used the exercises from the book to increase my energy and stamina, invoked the power of the Amulet, and then spent three solid hours of clearing the deep snow from last nights storm off of our driveway, then haled a sled of firewood (about 400 pounds worth) in from the barn, and took our Labrador for a walk for another hour after that, and without any breaks. And, I had fun doing it all. Just in case you didn’t really know it, your stuff works.

Hi there, I purchased the mind screwing book and I have a question for Mr. Kenyata Long. For the photo sigil, do I view it at all? Or just lock it away? That book is amazing!!! I absolutely notice a massive difference in the way people look and interact with me! At work I’ve had two different girls approach me and ask my name and said they always seem me around and want to know my name…pretty good start I think! Also, the book you mention “the psychic power behind your eyes”, any idea when that’s coming out? I’m very interested in that! And I plan on ordering your amulet very soon! Keep up the great work!
Aaron, IN

The mind screwing book help me out finding the women I want. I still remember all the techniques in the book and everything. I will probably buy it later on in the future from you to replace my mess up one. But I wanted to send you a video of the women I’m talking to. I screen recorded us video chatting. 
Roman, IL

I have the mind screwing book. And this book is powerful. Kenyata long and Dr Thor Templar you all have change my dating and relationship life. The best part I like in the book most is page 69. Become your intended sex partner and think for them.

 It’s been about two or three weeks since I’ve received my Mind Screwing Book and I’ve definitely been seeing differences. My schools homecoming just passed and our school is know for the big parties thrown during that time with the help of the book I been meeting and screwing lots of girls.
Matt, WI 

 I use Extreme Abilities manual every day, and it works.
Clif. CT

Recently, Master I was not well  and I applied the protection technique in the protection through occult science book. I can tell you master  I felt strong and energetic. That was a great help as I  am doing a night job.

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