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You could be the ghost that’s haunting your own home

So let me explain: have you ever been alone at home and felt like you werent alone? Thats not cool, right?

Or have you ever heard weird noises where you know you shouldnt be hearing weird noises?

Remember: we all radiate energy all the time, whether positive or negative. The objects around us pick up that energy and they then begin to radiate it.

If youve ever explored an abandoned house, you probably know what im talking about. Its almost like you can feel the energy of the previous occupants. Because you can.

There are also these “things’ called thoughtforms. They are basically the form that your thoughts take, literally. These thoughtforms act in two ways generally:

1. Whenever you think about yourself, the form hangs around your energy field until the energy that fills it dissipates.

2. Whenever you think about a person, place or thing outside of yourself, the thoughtform travels to that person/ place/ thing and hangs out in their aura until the energy dissipates.

So what do you think happens when you have negative thoughts about your home? Exactly: you fill it up with negative thoughtforms.

And these negative thoughtforms then “hang about” and discharge their negative energy until they run.

That is unless you “accidentally” recharge that thoughtform by thinking that thought again. Hmmm….

This also applies to being fearful.  Having fearful thoughts will add to the negative energy in your home.

So how do you clear your space? Well:

1. Appreciate your home by thinking the things that you like about it. Is there a special spot that makes you feel comfortable and safe? Well, go to that spot and tell it thanks! You’ll feel a definite buildup of positive energy within you. When you feel that energy build, share it with each room. Youll want to repeat this process until you notice your thoughts about each room change for the positive.

Alternately, you can generate positive energy about your place by recalling how you felt when you first moved in. Recall all the hopes and dreams you have for your home.

2. Do some home repairs (where time and funds are available). Many negative thoughts we have about our home are cosmestic-based; we hate the way this thing looks or we wish this thing was better cleaner.  When you change those issues, you change your thoughts about it.

3. Invite healing angels into your home. Raphael is the angel for this job. Just ask this energy to reside in your home.

4. If you’re a person that takes home protection seriously, you’ll want to call on Michael, the toughest angel around. Its energy will add a layer of protection energy to your place, which will in turn help to neutralize any thoughts of worry you may have.

5. Make sure that you daily open all your windows and allow fresh air to flow into your home. Open the doors as well if you can. Fresh air brings fresh energy which raises the vibration of your home.

6. Placing crystals such as Rose Quartz and Selenite around your home will bring both love and cleansing into your home.

7. Have a dance party! Get your friends and family together and just allow that energy of togetherness to fill your home.

8. Keep your energy high! When you keep your vibration high by exercising your body and eating foods that energize you, you automatically begin to think positive thoughts.  The simplest way to raise your vibration is to place your hands over your heart chakra and just allow yourself to tune into this energy center where the universal love of the creator flows into you.

This is probably the most important tip to remember, as we are most likely the starting point for the situation. Change ourselves and we change the world.

Watch as your home becomes more peaceful and nurturing.


Kenyata Long

P.s. My new book kindle book, Mudra Magic, has truck loads of protection tips that you can apply easily to help freshen up the energy in your home and your spirit.


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