Bless others to bless your life

Can you a remember a time recently when someone did something kind for you and your soul was lit up for some time after that moment?

Sure, you probably thanked them during at the time to show your appreciation for their kind gesture.

What happened in that moment was a beautiful and perfect exchange of positive energy between two souls. And that was the end of it. Except it wasnt.

Theres a little known secret that ALL successful manifestors use to increase their abundance. Its the art of blessing.

Since you’re a conscious manifestor, you probably use this technique automatically. In case you don’t though, Ill remind you how it works:

Because we are connected to anyone we’ve ever met through energy cords, energy can flow back and forth between yourself and that person that paid for your latte or helped you fix that flat tire that you kept putting off replacing.

You can send that person energies of appreciation and gratitude by simply thinking of that time when they extended kindness to you.

As you think about that time, silently say ” thank you” to them. Say it a couple of times.

Now why the heck would you want to randomly bless someone that performed an act of kindness sometime ago? Well, you’re doing 3 things:

1. You’re creating an attractor field in your own energy field to recieve that which you want to manifest.

2. You’re helping someone else along in this crazy world.

3. You’re developing your ability to project energy to other people for healing, remote influence, and just about anything else you can think of.

How cool is that?

So, what do you do if you had a day where noone tool off their coat and placed it over a mud puddle for you to walk on? Im sure you encounter at least 1 person, didnt you?

In a situation like this, all you have to is create a kind thought for them. For example, I remember spending some time in NYC with family. We all decided to go to a coffee shop and while waiting for our drinks, I noticed a mother with 3 kids. She looked frazzled, to put it lightly. I was in a good mood that morning, so I sent her some thoughts of hope and toughness, relief and appreciation. This took all of 5 seconds.

I watched as the bags under her eyes disappeared and her slumped posture gave way to a upright, positive posture. She went from looking wildly at her kids to looking gently at them, looking at them with love.

So what thought did i send to her that helped her to relax? I simply thought to myself: ” Damn shes hot but she looks like she could use a spa day…”. I pictured her relaxing in a massage room. I pictured her in a comfy robe with her eyes closed. I projected the feeling of “comfortable and cozy” to her.

Thats all it took. And that all it takes when you have a strong aura.

So as you’re whereever you find yourself relaxing at night, recall the people youve come across today and create a kind thought for each one. Did you see someone that you thought needed a hug? Send them a hug by thinking that about them.

Was there someone you came across today that had a unique physical characteristic that appreciated? Bring that to mind as you recall that person.

Now, this may seem like a simple practice and it is. The most powerful practices are often the simplest. And its the start to much more amazing experiences in your life.

Peace and Love, Kenyata Long

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