Secrets Of Manifesting With Asian Magic

From the fakirs who are able to create illusions so powerful as to convince entire crowds of people of their existence to the ancient Taoist sorcerers who were able to change the course of mighty rivers with the aid of their massive stores of chi power and cadre of powerful spirit entities, the land of the rising sun has been the home of some of the most powerful sorcerers to ever walk the earth. Abe No SeiMei, a powerful Taoist sorcerer in his own time (February 21, 921 A.D. – October 31, 1005 A.D.) was said to wield many extreme abilities, one of which being able to control shikigami (a form of highly specialized thought-form) with apparent ease. This ability was the result of his powerful connections to the streams of Asian Magic.

Through their mastery of the power of chi, eastern sorcerers could perform such feats of occult power such as shape-shifting, weather control, banishing of negative entities, and even resurrection of the dead. In this first ever hybrid sorcery course that combines the most effective aspects of eastern magic with the power of Next Level Manifesting, you can tap into the same streams of power these sorcerers did and use them to manifest your desires faster than you ever thought possible. In addition, this vibrating tome of power includes powerful sigils created with Sacred Geomtery Sigil Technology, designed to speed up the rate at which you deeply connect to the streams of Asian Magic dramatically.

In this exciting volume you’ll get a small glimpse into the intriguing world of Asian magic, learning such secrets as:

  • How to use the five phases Wu-Xing Cycle to create nearly any effects you desire.
  • Powerful Banishing Spells that causes negative spirits to flee in fear.
  • The secrets of Yin and Yang chi and how to use them to boost your magical practices
  • The secrets of using chi power to heal and harm anyone you desire.
  • How to build nearly impenetrable walls of protective energy around yourself and anyone you wish to fend off calamity.
  • The CORRECT and Safe method to create your own Taoist ritual room to draw in powerful manifestation energies into your rituals and life.
  • How to safely summon powerful gods and goddesses to help you attain health, wealth, happiness, and the mates you desire.
  • How to create and unleash powerful Chi Spells like the masters of old.
  • How to boost your own chi power to increase your health and vitality.
  • Discover what ancient Asian sorcerers knew about commanding demons that 90 percent of western trained ritual magicians don’t.
  • Learn the secrets of shape-shifting that Taoist sorcerers know and use at will.
  • Discover the Taoist approach to living and take one step closer to releasing unnecessary stress and achieving Gnosis.

These powerful secrets can be effortlessly interwoven into any magical system you desire, whether you are a student of the Golden Dawn or Hermetics. 

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