Revv Your Psychic Powers Up To Anime Levels Of Power!!

Extreme abilities are one of hallmarks and joys of being a Manifesting Scientist. With knowledge of the workings of the various levels of reality comes the ability to shape and mold it to your whim. There are many ways to achieve this state of being but whatever path you take to reach this holy grail of existence, know that the journey can be shortened immensely with the aid of Next Level Manifesting Science.

In this no holds barred two volume set of fantastic knowledge and wisdom, you’ll gain access to all of the training you need to develop abilities such as psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, teleportation, creating energy balls that pack a whallop, bio-physical healing and much more.

Develop the ability to read the minds of anyone you desire. This​ includes the ability to read the deepest darkest secrets of anyone you desire. No one will be able to escape the penetrating power of your telepathic probes, except those manifesting scientists that possess this tome. 

  • Activate the ability to powerfully influence objects with your mind and bio-physical energy. This course will reveal secrets of psychokinesis activation that have never been revealed in print anywhere. Develop this ability so that you can protect your loved ones and anyone you desire.
  • Learn the secrets of controlling time with spiritual power. Armed with the knowledge presented in this course, you will be able to slow down, speed up or even halt the passage of time around you. Ancient warriors have used these methods for thousands of years.
  • Turn yourself into a living battery of bio-physical healing ability with secrets that won’t be revealed anywhere else except through I.G.O.S. Unleash your innate ability to heal almost any physical, emotional or mental dis-harmony in yourself and others.
  • Learn ancient Tibetan secrets of levitation that allow you to float in the air or cause objects in your environment to do the same for a few seconds. If you’re an athlete, just imagine the havoc you can wreak against the opposing team. Tap into the power of your bio-physical energy and achieve what few people in history have.
  • Go anywhere and do anything with the ability of spiritual teleportation. No longer will physical matter be an obstacle to you once you develop this long coveted ability. Obliterate space and time and go where most people only dream about travelling. The ultimate type of Remote Viewing & Bi-Location.
  • Gain insider access to powerful secrets of thought-form creation that allow you to construct thought forms with mind-blowing manifestation power. These secrets will allow you to accelerate your thought form creation abilities by at least 100 percent.
  • Want to learn how to throw energy balls that make people turn their heads? You need these secrets to make them work.
  • Do you want to learn the secrets of using sorcery and bio-physical to rejuvenate your physical body so that you grow younger each day while your enemies grow older and more senile? You’ll only find them in this one-of-a-kind bio-physical sorcery grimoire.
  • Attain the blessing power of the saints and the cursing power of the devils when you use this one secret technique. Empower your friends and curse your enemies with raw bio-physical energy power.
  • Learn what top remote viewers and top psychics know about developing precognition to extreme levels of accuracy. You can start sensing the future TONIGHT.
  • Develop mesmeric powers so forceful that you can literally turn 99% of the population into mindless puppets. You will literally dazzle and compel others to do your bidding.

This set of books is bursting with forbidden knowledge and living energies. Start on the path to controlling physical reality with your power today. 

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