Mesmerise Anyone With Your Biomagnetic Powers.

Powerful Men and women of all ages are able to captivate nearly anyone with whom they lock eyes thanks to the power of the  Magnetic Gaze. Some people are born with this gift naturally while other train diligently day and night to develop this power.  ​There are very famous people using this power right now to get what they want in this life (Hint: some very famous “mentalists” and hypnotists are using this skill right now and making MILLIONS of dollars). Develop a truly magnetic gaze with the power of the manifestation sciences. Only Manifestation Master Kenyata Long provides you with the knowledge necessary to develop “the look that stops”.

In this never before released grimoire of Mesmerism Mastery, you’ll learn eye-power development secrets that will allow you to project images directly into the mind of others, read their minds, mesmerize anybody you come into contact with, control their energy field, and much more. You’ll only find these secret in The Mesmerist.

Walk through life as a master of men and beasts as all powerful people do. Empower your eyes with the hidden knowledge unveiled to humanity. Whether you’re a practicing mentalist, illusionist, hypnotist, or you simply want to increase your personal power and ability to manifest your desires faster, this esoteric masterpiece is the Power Tool for you. Get personal instruction from Kenyata Long to fine tune your mesmerist abilities. It includes a powerful activation Sigil Tool into which you insert your photo. From that instant, powerful mesmeric activation energy streams into your mind and body to develop mesmerist abilities.

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