Manifest Like The Babylonian Priests Of Ancient Times

The Babylonians were one of the most prolific and wealthiest civilizations on the planet and their massive success was due to their connections with the mighty Babylonian gods and goddesses. Through the tapping into of these powerful streams of raw elemental cosmic world-creating power, the Babylonian and Persian peoples were able to conquer their enemies and summon powerful protective deities to aid them in their journey on the earth plane.

 In this seamless work of magic, you’ll gain access to the secrets the ancient magicians of Babylonian times used to destroy their enemies and increase their wealth. You’ll also discover:

How to receive visions of the future with ancient babylonian divination techniques.

A never before released and extremely powerful ritual magic template based almost entirely on the traditions of ancient babylonian magic.

Powerful invocations that help you create an intense connection with babylonian gods such as Marduk, Ishtar, and many more.

A collection of powerful babylonian spells with which you can achieve most any desire, including wealth drawing, healing, attracting a mate, getting revenge on enemies, increasing your charisma and personal magnetism and so much more.

A Babylonian Magic Circle that allows you to perform rituals on your tabletop. You get multiple Magic Circles which means you can empower multiple areas of your life at once.

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