Power: everyone wants it and yet so few ever attain it. This is one of the reasons why 99% of the worlds’ wealth rests in the hands of only 1% of the population. The most influential men and women throughout history have hoarded the secrets that let ordinary men lead others around like a dog on a leash.  These people are more than just influencers; they are real life puppet-masters. These people knew – as most know now – that TRUE power is not just material wealth and financial abundance; it’s also about how frequently you get your way.

From Joseph the second to Alexander The Great, all great men and women since the beginning of time have wielded secret esoteric influence techniques with which they were able to powerfully compel those around them to obey their orders without hesitation, completely forgetting their own selves and gleefully carry out their commands. They were bathed in the power stream of influencing and commanding energy. These people were able to create and perceive magical energy fields and wield them to create enduring changes in the tapestry of existence. From powerful business leaders to the most charismatic generals, these men and women oozed commanding power from every pore of their bodies and brandished this spiritual force to turn their visions into concrete reality, and now you can possess command of this very same force to grab hold of the personalities of anyone you desire and control them as you will. No longer will you stare on in wonder as that seemingly plain-as-toast person walks away with that perfect 10.

In this captivating masterpiece on mind Domination, you’ll get glimpse of powerful occult secrets that occult masters use to cloud mens’ minds, such as:

  • The secrets of Vortex Creation and how you can use them to dazzle and control the multitudes
  • How to perform energetic shape-shifting to borrow the shape of nearly anyone you desire. This secret is so powerful that you are urged to use it ONLY for good.
  • How to tap into the full power of your Hidden Force-Centers to achieve new levels of dominating power.
  • Learn the REAL secret behind the 25 cognitive biases and how to combine them with secret knowledge to create unbeatable compliance in anybody you wish.
  • Gain exclusive access to the knowledge of the creation of the Puppet-master Etheric Servant and command it to project knee-buckling spiritual commanding power to anyone on the planet.
  • Learn powerful exercises that transform your aura in a walking, talking radiating ball of dazzling compelling power.
  • Learn the secrets that Indian fakirs use to mesmerize crowds of onlookers with the Indian Rope Trick.
  • A secret method passed onto Kenyata Long for the Magical Animation Of Pictures that rapidly boosts manifestation power. 
  • Eradicate doubt and fear the next time you apply for a personal or business loan. These occult techniques will help sway any decision in your favor.
  • Surround your enemies in a thick haze of confusion and despair with age-old principles normally only transmitted to the elite. They won’t know what hit them.
  • Build unstoppable rapport with THIS powerful etheric technique that medicine men and women use to heal their clients.
  • Salespeople: double, triple, and even quadruple your income when you learn the principles of Etheric Body Anatomy and how to use them to compel others to act.
  • Become a leader and skyrocket your charisma levels with these techniques.
  • Take your conversational and covert hypnosis skills to the next level. Whether you’re a hypnotist or practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, you can experience new levels of effectiveness and breakthroughs with your clients.
  • Use powerful energies to stimulate any part of the brain you desire to cause people to think as you wish.

Becoming a Master Of Men is more than just about shaping the thoughts and actions of others; learn the secrets behind Mind Reading and peer into the thoughts of your employees, co-workers, prospects, and anyone else you wish.

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