Hypnotize anyone in SECONDS.

If you’re tired of people ignoring you or tired of not having control over yourself, then this is the manifesting empowered book-tool for you. Imagine being able to compel and hypnotize anyone- including yourself – and think of all the things you could accomplish if you had this power. All powerful people have a hypnotic power that they unconsciously or consciously make use of to get what they want.
Whether you want to hypnotize people for fun, business or pleasure, this empowered talismanic book will help you achieve that goal. You simply view the sigils and practice the techniques in the book and in a short period of time you will unlock your full hypnotic potential. This book is perfect for everyone, as everyone can benefit from radiating a hypnotic aura. If you’re a professional hypnotist and you want to help your patients stick with their programs, this book will help you take your hypnotherapy practice to the next level. If you’re a street magician or mentalist, this book will help you develop the power to captivate audiences both large and small and create powerful magical effects and illusions. Becoming a master hypnotist swami has never been easier. In addition, you can increase your ability to command and control spirits. No entity can resist a hypnotic aura. Take your ceremonial magic skills to the highest level with more commanding power. Control everything physical and spiritual! Easy, Fast and Simple!

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