Experience Unparalleled Encounters With the Mind Screwing System!

If you’re tired of settling for partners that aren’t up to your standards, this is YOUR system.

If you’re bored with pleasuring yourself to porn stars who don’t even know your name, then this is YOUR system.

If you’re ready to take your sexual and business success to the next level, then THIS is your system.

If you’re in your 50′, 60’s, 70’s and you want the pleasure of warm 20 and 30 year old bodies at your beck and call, this is YOUR system.

If you’re tired of seeing undeserving bastards desecrate the pleasure parts of the men and women that YOU deserve, then THIS IS YOUR SYSTEM.

I had always had decent success attracting the women I desired and for many years, it was “hit or miss” – I either succeeded wildly or I failed miserably. It wasn’t until I dove head first in the Manifestation Sciences that I not only achieved wild success with women, but I also had amazing experiences that most men and women only fantasize about.

With over 20 years experience in the occult sciences, I began to piece together a system… A system that works for EVERYONE regardless of age, looks, or financial situation. I created a system that is designed to turn you into a LITERAL SEX MAGNET, with your social life filled with so many WILLING partners for amazing sex that you will LITERALLY have to turn people away!

In this one-of-a-kind system, you’ll learn:

  • ​Amazing energetic techniques that will allow you to silently achieve rapport with ANYONE you desire!    
  • Use the unique Sigil System to empower your Mind Screwing abilities to levels beyond which most people can’t even conceive!
  • Empower your energy field to attract the men and women you desire to approach YOU while you sit and enjoy your drinks!
  • How to hypnotise and mesmerise anyone to do anything you ask!
  • Do you want to know how to have sex with a person you’ve only known for a few hours? I’ve done it on many occasions with startling ease and you’ll find out how EXACTLY to do that in this system.
  • Learn how to INSTANTLY radiate courage and charisma with THIS simple technique.
  • Learn how to neutralize fear and project your natural charisma instead.
  • Learn the secrets that make your Seduction language patterns 100x more powerful!
  • Learn an ancient technique for sealing your energy field that will help you lock in your positive energy that  only 1% of the population knows about! Powerful Bio-Energetic Techniques to Increase your health and develop radiant Vitality in yourself!
  • Learn to Produce Lust Vibrations.
  • Stop Fear and Expand your aura to double its size with secret Acupressure points never revealed before.
  • Learn the Courage posture others cannot resist.
  • Simple methods to activate the powerful heart and root chakras for influencing.
  • Using your Eyes to attract others to you without saying a word.
  • Secret Compelling methods you need to know.
  • The 🔥Hot Seat method🔥 that forces others to come to you.
  • ​Just holding this book makes you horny!​                                                    

Sigils are your secret weapons to create anything you desire. By viewing the Sigil in this book for a few seconds, you transfer huge amounts of  powerful energy into your consciousness to be used for influencing and manifesting.

You’ll Be Empowered To High Levels With The Following Sigils:     

  • Overcoming fear: Just view this before meeting someone and your fears are OBLITERATED.
  • Increasing the Aura and its influencing power by 100% for more mind-controlling power.
  • A Carry-with-you Sigil  to draw power to you while influencing.
  • 24/7 Power Sigil that work by just placing your photo on it.

This System can be used no matter of your sexual orientation! Gay, Straight, Male, or Female!

Experience more fun with Mind Screwing Volume 2: The College Edition. Party animals of all ages can draw massive amounts of romantic pleasure into their lives with the powerful sacred geometry sigils and panty-dropping techniques it contains.

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