At this very moment, some high-level elite athletes are empowering themselves with manifesting energies to turn themselves into an athletic juggernaut. These are famous athletes that you see everyday and you never suspect they are connected to strong manifesting energies of all kinds.

High amounts of Manifesting energies are what separate the elite athlete from the common world, average athlete. There are athletes from all over the world and from all sports using Manifesting Science energies to gain the upper hand in their field. If you’re not using Manifesting Science to enhance every area of your life, then you’re like the unpopular person who wonders what the big secret everyone else is whispering about.

Whether you want to take your high school basketball team to the state championships, stand out in the NFL draft or you want to hear your name called by your desired team in the NBA draft, this unique, highly empowered book will be invaluable in your quest.

  • Imagine having the ability to make your opponents trip and fall on command. Psychokinetic ability is generally weakly developed in the average person. Learn how to activate your psychokinetic powers to turn your opponents body into a puppet under your control. This secret could mean the difference between victory and defeat.  Use your psychokinetic powers to enhance the hitting power of your golf clubs, baseball bats, field hockey sticks and much more.
  • Gain access to nuclear power-loaded Sacred Geometry Sigils.These fully loaded spiritual energy generators will help you boost both your physical and manifesting powers to the next level of effectiveness.
  • Learn powerful protective rituals that flood your body and energy field with damage-reflecting energies. This is the secret behind why some elite players never seem to get injured and those around them do.
  • Discover the energy secrets that elite athletes use to gain access to the Division 1 college of their dreams. You’ll absolutely enjoy applying these secrets in your quest for greatness. Watch as your competition moans in despair as they watch you slide into the top spot. 
  • Learn how to supercharge your athletic gear with powerful energies to achieve any effects you desire. Run faster, jump higher, be more agile. Transform your common athletic garb into magically empowered body armor. The ancient warriors of the past knew this secret and now you can discover it as well.
  • Access powerful techniques that will allow you to dominate your sports training camp and help ensure that you get a top spot on the team.
  • Do your opponents seem to sniff out the weaker opponents on your team and wish to mangle them like rag dolls? Those days are long and gone when you use This powerful technique to energize AND protect your teammates while you sit on the bench or at home. This technique will allow any athlete to become a magically-powered Most Valuable Player.  If you participate in racing sports such as NASCAR, Crew or Motorcycle Racing or you happen to be on a pit crew, this ability can help save your teammates lives.
  • Unlock the secrets that allow you to control AND read your opponents mind. If you’re a tennis player or chess player, you’ll absolutely relish in having this ability at your beck and call. Turn the referee into your very own puppet and control his/her mind to see things your way.
  • Generate huge amounts of bio-physical energies to enhance your natural athletic skill.
  • Learn the secrets that the pros are using RIGHT NOW to generate massive amounts of Athletic Luck to achieve worldwide fame and fortune.
  • No matter what sport you coach, no longer will you watch in frustration, anger and helplessness as your players struggle to get the ball; you can now remotely energize and protect your players from the sidelines with Manifestation Energies and watch them succeed with a smile on your face. You will bring new meaning to the term ” the most winning-est coach of all time”.
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