Become One Of Mightiest Warriors On Earth

Crush Your Enemies and Tap Into the Unstoppable Energies Of The Mightiest Warriors Who Have Ever Lived and Make These Energies Your Own.

Miyamoto Musashi, the undefeated creator of the Five Rings of Combat system. Shaka Zulu, the warrior king of the Zulus.

These warriors and many more that would fill this entire page have used their own combat skills, bio-physical abilities and magical empowerment to achieve success in the world of combat and conquer all of their enemies. Hitler wielded the spear of destiny and with its massive powers he nearly managed to conquer the ENTIRE world.  Before him, Alexander The Great rode his mighty demonic stallion, Bucephalus and bravely trampled all those that opposed him. Legend says Alexander was seen to shoot fire from his body and beams of energy from his eyes when angered. Joan Of Ark flattened thousands of warriors with her magical empowerments. Anibal Milhais, also known as “Soldier Millions”, SINGLE OFFHANDEDLY gunned down hundreds of German soldiers and helped his fellow comrades retreat to safety. Legends say that George Washington was able to avoid being shot multiple times during the battle of 1755. Accounts state that while every horse that he rode was shot dead, he escaped the battle unharmed. Manifestation Scientists know that this is more than mere legend and powerful magical forces were at work on his behalf. This system of Magical and Bio-physical enhancement was passed on to the author by his uncle, who himself learned them from a comrade with whom he fought in the Vietnam War. Using these techniques, the author’s relative was able to return home from the war unscathed where most of his comrades received injuries or perished.

No matter from what background the successful warrior may hail, the fact remains that they WERE in fact empowered and used this power to dominate all those that crossed their paths. Now for the first time ANYWHERE, the magical combat empowerment secrets of history’s greatest warriors are now laid bare for all those that would tread the path of the warrior, and ONLY I.G.O.S. Success Tech offers them.

In this first and ONLY of its kind empowered manifesting tool, you’ll gain access to and learn:

  • How to build an near- impenetrable field of protection around your entire body so that your opponents’ blows bounce off of you.
  • How to turn yourself into a walking mountain of magical combat power.
  • How to increase your bodies’ ability to heal quickly with magical energies.
  • How to control the thoughts and feelings of your opponent to lead them around like a puppy dog at your whim.
  • How to remotely influence your opponent and weaken them.
  • How to Tap the power of the elements to destroy your opponents Mind and Body.
  • How to read your opponents mind and know them like they know themselves. This is the secret that the masters DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT.
  • The PROPER way to bolster your strikes with bio-physical power. LITERALLY only a handful of warriors on the planet know this secret and the Guild is one of those organizations.
  • If you’re a student of the sword arts, you will absolutely want to learn the secrets that the masters of old used to create weapons of incredible destructive power.
  • How to channel the energies in your body into power and increase your destructive capabilities by AT LEAST 50% within a short period of time.
  • Extremely powerful Empowerment Sigils created by using the Guild’s Unique Sigil System. These immensely powerful sigils will fill your being with explosive might and help you dominate your field of combat.
  • With this only-of-its-kind Sigil, you will increase the stopping power of your weapons. Empower your gloves, mitts, swords, bankaw, bastons, sarongs, etc, to the highest level of destructive energy. One strike will feel like ten to your opponents when you use this empowerment Sigil as instructed.

You’ll learn how to enhance your combat skills with all of these powerful bio-physical and magical empowerment methods and MUCH, MUCH MORE.

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