Attract Money With Occult Science Talisman Book

Attract more wealth and abundance into your life with this sacred geometry scalar energy powered money drawing talisman book. All you do is view the Money Drawing Sigils before and after you utilize the cutting edge money drawing principles in the book.


  • Lifetime product support from Kenyata Long, subtle energy master.
  • 8×11 full color pages
  • The Book is a Money Drawing energy field
  • Place your wallet/purse on it when you’re not reading it to charge them money-drawing
  • Carry with you to magnetize your aura for wealth and abundance
  • Place your manifestation lists on any of the sigils to empower them to manifest faster.
  • Fill your entire body and aura with money-drawing power when you place your favorite drink or snack on the book and let it soak up the abundance.

This empowered, high vibration money-drawing book is one that you’ll pass on to your family members to help them experience more abundance with freedom and excitement!

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