The ancient Chinese sorcerers, warriors and sages of times past were renowned in their knowledge of the magical arts and the healing arts.

 Just ask the samurai warriors who used powerful magic to bend reality to their iron wills and cut down the foes left and right. if you don’t yet have Hidden Secrets Of Asian Magic, you should grab a copy of that ASAP. 

Do you know obtaining a positive healing result is a form of manifestation? Well, it is. Any result that you experience as a result of the projection of your energies ( or extra- body energies) and your intentions is manifestation.

The ancient Chinese healers knew that one of the keys to manifesting anything you desire was to obtain near perfect health and vitality. They knew that a healer/doctor with sub-par stores of vital force would have a difficult time obtaining positive healing results.

Part of the secret of their healing successes was the very fact that their energy fields were brimming over with excess vital force, which the patient could use unconsciously/consciously.

So in case you “missed it”, having a excess of vital force greatly aids your ability to materialize your goals in these two ways:
1: Your ability to take the necessary actions to materialize your goals expands

2. You are able to pump more emotional power into your thought-form magnets

3. Your energy field becomes a magnet, attracting other high energy people (lower vitality people will be drawn to you as well, but this post won’t be about vampirism, whether intentional or unintentional.)

There are more ways in which high-vital force helps you attract and create the life you desire, but  these 3 points give you enough to chew on, don’t you think?

 So remember, make it your duty to keep your vital force levels high at all times and keep your emotions happy and bright and you will attract anything you desire.
 The key to keeping your vital force high is to become aware of the fact when you’re vital force is low. This will come with practice and experience. You’ll be able to sense what activities drain you or energize you.

Practice makes perfect!

Kenyata Long

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