Top 4 Runes For Health, Wealth, Happiness And Protection

I feel incredibly blessed to have been filled with the desire work with and express the runic energies in this reality. They are symbolic representations of the building blocks of creation. Very few actually know they’re origin, but where they come from isn’t important. What matters is that they are powerful tools that allow you to shape your reality in any way choose.

You can learn more about how to connect to and use with the aid of my Rune Energy Connection Talisman Books. These powerful connection tools increase your ability to comprehend and draw on the full power of each of the 18 younger futhark runes. In the meantime, you can draw on a small level of their true power with some simple methods you’re about to learn shortly.

While there are a whole host of runic energies that you can draw and work with in your life, there are 4 energies of the whole lot that are most important during these times:

Rune Man ( Younger)
Rune Fa
Rune Sig
Rune Ur(uruz)

Rune Man – Invoke its power when you feel like you need extra protection against negative energy.

Rune Fa – When you want to overcome feelings of lack and fill yourself with feelings of abundance and prosperity

Rune Ur– This is crucial as we’re coming into flu and cold season. It will bring powerful health drawing energies into your aura.

Rune Sig – Connect to the energies of this rune when you want to connect to the streams of happiness

So now that you know about these awesome energies of creation, you wanna know how to connect to their energies, don’t you? Since you’ve been patient, there are several ways that you can plug into these awe-inspiring energies:

  1. Simply write them on a clean piece of paper and carry them with you. I grew my connection to these powers initially by concentrating on one rune at a time, several seconds at a time, each day.

For example, I would carry a hand-drawn symbol of the Fa rune in my wallet, take it out and look at it while inhaling deeply and allow the image to burn into my consciousness. After a few weeks of doing this daily, I gradually came to open up those Fa energies automatically anytime I thought of the rune.

2. Saying the name of the rune to yourself several times. In a future post, I’ll get more into the details of the power of names, but for now, it’s enough that you know that when you know the name of a thing, you can connect to its energy and understand it.

By repeating the name of the rune to yourself, you connect to that power and draw it into your aura and consciousness.

3. Some people take up the posture which the rune represents and actually become the rune, resonating with it.

Which approach you choose is up to you, but do begin to work with these creation-energies and watch your life change for the better.

Yours in Success, Love And Happiness,

Kenyata Long

P.S. All of the above approaches work better when you apply the practical techniques and Sacred Geometry Sigils found in my Advanced Runic Techniques Talisman Books. You’ll experience the full power of the runes in your life.

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