The Manifesting Power Of Your Words

Are you using the power of your words to attract what you desire?

I’m sure youve heard the phrase “words have power”, haven’t you?

Well it’s more true than you know.

I remember the first time i took an inventory of the words that I used on a daily basis and was shocked to discover that 50 percent of them were negative. Whats that mean?

It means that half of the thousands of words that I spoke everyday were low energy and pushed my desires away from me. Some example of negative words I used to use:





Word like these connect you to limitation when you utter them, because in saying them out loud, you imbue them with life. Ill get into connection between your breath and your words and how they manifest your reality in a forthcoming post.

It wasnt until I became more proficient in the art of manifesting abundance that I really understood how powerful words are when you say them out loud, so I overhauled my vocabulary and removed negative words and added new ones like:






This list goes on. Have you taken stock of your vocabulary yet? I think you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Whats the lesson here? Speak only what you want to experience and you’ll automatically tap into that field of power.

Yours in Light, Love and Success

Kenyata Long

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