The Most Powerful Affirmation For 2020

I think we all agree that we wish 2020 would transform into a beautiful and awe-inspiring period. Theres still hope.

There’s always hope, so long as we tap into it.

There’s also Joy for us to tap into.

Theres inspiration to be drank in, we need only ask for it.

So lets work together to turn 2020 around. During this time on earth, for the first time in centuries, we are all on the same “level”.

Because we’re all on the same level, we have the potential to raise our vibrations together.

And it so easy to do when you use the affirmation that follows.

It actually happens to be the most powerful affirmation in existence.

Why? Because it does 3 things:

1. It connects your consciousness to the divine creator of existence.

2. It fills you with light, which raises your vibration and strengthens your aura.

3. It increases your manifesting power.

When you say this affirmation to yourself (under your breath), you experience all the above mentioned benefits AND you raise the vibration of your home…

Which in turn raises the vibration of the entire planet!

This is exciting new because it means that in these times when fear clouds hover over the world, we can bring in light from higher dimensions to dissolve them.

And the really amazing thing is that you say this affirmation and connect to the divine creator of existence,  who is the literal storehouse of love, abundance, and all the beautiful thins of this world…

Your aura gets stronger everytime!!!

So by now, you’re probably “chomping at the bit ” to hear it, right?

Well, here it is:

Raising palms to the sky to receive the power your about to ask for, ask under your breath or in a relaxed tone of voice:

“Divine Creator Of The Heavens, Fill Me With Love And Joy!”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself at least 3 times. When youre done, just stand there and receieve that which youve asked for.

Pay attention to what you feel happening in your hands and up your body as you receive the gift of love and joy from the creator.

Ive found that the 2 most powerful times to perform this affirmation are:

1. In the morning when you wake up

2. At night before you go to bed.

Now what do you do with the love you’ve just receieved from the Creator?

You share it! Think of someone you know that could use a little love in their lives right now. As you think about that person, simply say to them in your mind:

” I fill you with the love and joy of the creator”. Notice what you feel after you fill them with the love power.

So fill up often and send the high vibration of love wherever you feel its needed.

Yours in Light, Love and Success,

Kenyata Long

P.s. this affirmation works better when you use my super powered love drawing amulet and love-drawing talisman book.

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